Historical sites and monuments


Fortress of the Knights of St. John (15th century) - located in the northeast of the island, over the well-preserved castle of the Hellenistic period and next to the ancient city ruins. (Available access by bus)


Burial monuments - more than 20 tombs and several findings were found in 1930 in the only one systematic archaeological survey conducted in the island.



Cave of Arapis - ancient tomb.

Indications of ancient settlement (chorio) - ancient states were built into the wall of cemetery, where large hewn stones, walls and ceramics attest to the existence of an ancient settlement.

Isodomic wall (chorio- 4th century BC) - at the entrance of the castle, above the monastery of the Holy Trinity, there is the inscription “ISANDROS IARATEFS”.


Doric capital (Chorio- 4th century BC) - in the monastery of St. Constantine.

Altar (Finiki) - in the church of St. Zacharias, with bucrania relief.

Kammenos Spilios ( 8 km from Nimborio) - in 1658 the Venetian Morisini, to avenge Chalkites as they aletred Rhodians to his presence, and they upset his plans to surprise and conquest, he killed the hidden inhabitants, lighting fire in the mouth.

Three windmills - recently repaired, built up ( in the left part of the island) offer panoramic views of the harbor.

Abandoned Chorio (1 hour from the port) - the old capital of Halki, was built in selected location to avoid pirate raids. Nearby is the Venetian Castle (14th – 15th century) and several stone houses crumbling now and cemetery with reusable arched stone, sarcophagi and tombs. (Available access by bus)

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