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Mayor’s message

Dear compatriots,
Friends of Halki,
Welcome to the website of the Municipality of Halki, which we managed to create due to the demands of the messaged of the times.
Our ambition is that this website will become a “meeting place” of our countrymen, where they live either on the island or far away in the more distant part of the world.
In the light of the love for our country and our commitment to the objective of continuous and honest communication with the citizens, giving the opportunity to the worldwide Halkites and friends of Halki to be daily informed about the actions and decisions of the municipal authorities, the Municipal Council and Economic Commission.
We would like, this website to be able to become a forum for dialogue, because it is important to record and hear the opinion and your suggestions.
We believe that the website “Halki” will bring us even closer, always within the framework of mutual and deep relationship of trust that we have developed.

Mayor of Halki,
Michail Ant. Patros.

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