History and Mythology


Halki got is name from the copper workshop (Halkos in Greek) that used to be in the island.  Before the Olympian Gods, the Titans used to rule the earth.  The king of Titans was Cronus who was dethroned from his son Zeus.  The majority of the Titans fought with Cronus against Zeus and they were banished to Tartarus.  According to mythology, the first inhabitants of Halki were the Titans.


Archaeological findings show that the first inhabitants of the island were the Carians, the Dorians the Phoenicians and the Pelasgians.  Halki was conqured from the Arabs until the Venetians and the Genovese took over and built the ancient acropolis and the fortress on the island of Alimia.  Although the inhabitants of Halki overcome the fear of pirates and flourished from sponge trade along with the islands of Kalymnos, Kastelorizo and Symi, the island was conquered from the Ottomans and Italians.  Halki was incorporated to the Greek State in March of 1948.